How to Format Your Manuscript

Please format your manuscript* as follows, whether you send it electronically or by mail:

Save as a Word document (.doc or .docx)
8.5" x 11" size
Black text
"Portrait" orientation
Margins of at least 1" all around
Left-justify your text ("ragged right" justification)
"Times New Roman" or similar serif font, 12 point size
Indent new paragraphs; no additional line space between paragraphs
Start a new chapter or section on a new page.
Include a header on every page with your name, book title, and a page number.
Paginate the entire manuscript consecutively; do not paginate each chapter separately.

Also include a separate title page with:
~ your name
~ your contact information
~ your book title
~ its genre
~ approximate word count

If mailing paper, do not staple or bind the pages in any way. Keep them loose (see page numbering, above).

*This is also what editors and agents will want. You want to make editors and agents happy to read your work, don't you?