How to Submit Your Work

Please e-mail me with some information about your manuscript, including:

~ Genre (including age range of intended audience)
~ Word count
~ A summary of any previous critiques it's gotten
~ Submission history, if applicable
~ Your goals for this manuscript (To find out if it's ready for an editor or agent? To identify plot holes? To better develop your characters? To address a revision request? etc.)
~ Anything else you think I should know.

Please cut and paste your first 500 words (approx. 2 manuscript pages) into the body of your email. This will give me an idea of the scope of the project. Don't worry about format at this point; I just want to read your text.

I will respond promptly with some initial thoughts, the total fee, time frame for completing the project, and payment terms. (PLEASE see note on TURNAROUND TIME.)

Once we're both agreed to terms, you can choose to send me your manuscript electronically or by snail mail. Either way, a first payment will be due before I start work on your manuscript.

Also please be sure your manuscript is properly formatted, as if you were submitting to a publisher or agent.