Manuscript evaluation and critique

I evaluate books for children and teens (ages 8-18) ONLY.
I do not evaluate novels for adults OR poetry. (These are not my areas of expertise. You don't want me to do this!)

This is a "big picture" critique, from one writer (and reader) to another: Is your book the best it can be? Is it ready for an agent or editor? Has it received a number of rejections without clear feedback? Has it lost steam halfway through? I can read your complete or partial manuscript and evaluate for:

Plot and story arc
Point of view
Organization and structure
Appropriateness for the intended audience

Things I do not do*:

~Rewrite your work
~Provide a line-by-line critique
~Provide a personal referral to any specific editor or agent
~Guarantee publication of your book or advise you on your book's chances for publication (no one can do that).

After reading your manuscript, I will provide a detailed editorial letter offering my overall impression of your work, an honest evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses, and specific, nuts-and-bolts suggestions for how you can take it to the next level. I'll include a list of resources (books on craft, published novels that demonstrate a specific aspect of craft) that can help you get there.

*If you need more specialized services, such as line-by-line editing or proofreading, you might consult experienced children's book editor Nikki Bruno Clapper.