Stacy called out each area of my manuscript that needed attention. She provided helpful insights on subplots, theme, dialogue and characterization. Plus, she met our deadline!

You encouraged me to drop my tunnel vision and to be aware of different ways to see (re-vision) my book. You pointed out that it was a series of episodes rather than a complete story. You helped me tighten it by raising a peripheral character to a major one, forcing my protagonist to act rather than react. Thanks for reminding me to always ask how each scene serves the story.


My goodness, Stacy,
What a thorough and thoughtful critique. I see your points, and am so glad to have some kind of master plan to implement. You not only gave an overall, big-picture critique, but you also looked at grammar, passive verb forms, etc. Your suggestions for sample biographies to read will give me a good idea of the different ways in which I might structure mine. Again, thanks for your expertise.

Dear Stacy,
Your query coaching really paid off! A positive response to a query is just one small step, of course. But I feel as though I'd know how to query effectively the next time.
Thanks for helping me to compose a good one.